Welcome to Lori Pruitt Design

My love of design started before I even realized what interior design was. Growing up, my grandfather and great-grandmother owned an antique store, and I was always there. That same grandfather also built me a custom dollhouse, complete with framed windows, carpeted bedrooms, linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen, and wallpaper in each room. More time was spent rearranging the furniture than worrying about Barbie’s outfits.

It’s no wonder, having grown up in the midst of all those antiques, that my love of antiques and vintage furniture would only grow and eventually point me in the direction of interior design. Now I have over fifteen years in design and have helped hundreds of clients with pulling together homes that are both beautiful and comfortable.

I’ve worked with several high profile clients and understand that not everyone wants their befores and afters shown to the world. What you will see on the blog is inspiration, what I am working on (as clientele allows) and what I am up to in my own home.  


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