Mood Board - Dining Room

Hi Guys! Welcome to Mood Board Monday! I hope you enjoyed my last Mood Board (which wasn't posted on Monday, but whatever).  Today I have one that I am incredibly excited about and very proud of.  This one is a design board for a real room.  One that will actually come to life.  It's our dining room.  And honestly, it's almost finished, I just need to spring for new chairs.  I am in love with these, but they keep selling out.  I'm hoping to be able to pull the trigger on them soon, but in the meantime, this is what my dining room will look like very soon.  The avocado art is from Etsy, and will most likely be different (and on the wall behind the fiddle leaf).  Also, since I can't keep a fiddle alive, that plant will be different, but you get the idea.  What do you think?

Dining Room.jpg

The dining table was from West Elm, and was the first piece of furniture that my husband and I ever bought together.  When we moved into our old townhouse, we bought the table before we had a sofa (which by the way, was 11 years ago and we still have both pieces!).  We bought that in 2007 and they have discontinued it since then.  I love that table. 

So there you have my future dining room.  Right now our current chairs are a mix match (which I have discovered I do not like) and are falling apart. Yeesh.  Hopefully I will get to grab a set of those chairs soon.  Then believe it or not, a room in our house will be mostly finished! 

Mood Board - Thinking Pink

Hi friends! I took an unexpected break from blogging.  School has been out for over two weeks here, and it sorta hit me hard this summer! During that time I have been working on posts, just not finishing them.  Some of the posts involve my favorite thing to do...make mood boards!  I could do this all day.  This is the perfect creative outlet for me, since we aren't really in decorate the house mode right now.  This board is fun because it is TOTALLY not me.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I despise the color pink in all its forms. This is just a color that doesn’t appeal to me. You can imagine my dismay when the whole millennial pink trend happened. My personal aesthetic in both design and style has always had a more masculine edge to it. Which makes this mood board completely out of left field for me. The other night I was working on a post and while researching, I came across this headboard from West Elm. I loved the unique shape and the fun fabric options available. I noticed that it was available in a blush velvet with a shimmer to it. I clicked on the fabric to see what the headboard would look like, and just like that, I had the inspiration for an entire room. I thought it would be fun to do something that is totally unlike anything I’ve done (using pink!) but still but my stamp on it. Here’s what I came up with.



Honestly, as much as I don't care for pink, I would have this room in a second, no questions asked.     Below I am linking to everything I've used in case it inspires you.  

headboard / carved stools / nightstands / rug / bolster / medallion bedding / euros / dresser / lamps / mirror / window treatments / sconces / flush mount / art  

*I must also mention that I have included some affiliate links in this post.  If you purchase an item from this post using the affiliate link, I will earn a small commission from the sale.  Thank you for supporting this blog, and the companies that I have chosen to work with.  

Past Project - Modern Nursery

Yesterday, I spent some time reworking the Projects section of my website. I had more images to add, plus I have a better understanding of how Squarespace works, so I thought I’d try to make it look better. I’m pretty pleased! While adding my images (and realizing that I’ve lost hard copies of my best project, and no digital ones exist. Breathe.)  To check out a few INTERIOR projects, go HERE, for the EXTERIOR projects, go HERE.  This is only a tiny (minuscule, really) sampling of what I have done in the last 15 years.  Some people don't want to have their homes shared on the internet, and while it's frustrating, I do respect it.  Some people just "keep forgetting" to take a picture and send it.  So.  I added what I could!

In doing this, I realized I hadn’t added our sons nursery. This was the first nursery I ever designed. I knew I wanted something different than your usual nursery. At the time, we still lived in Louisville and modern design was not yet a thing there. I’m not even sure Pinterest was around at the time I started the planning phase of the room. We started designing this room in early 2010. It was hard to find inspiration images of what I was looking for, which was a clean, modern nursery without your typical color scheme/themes. I have always hated themes in kids rooms, even from the beginning. I wanted fun furniture that could grow with him, nothing fussy or frilly, and really clean, simple lines.  Here are some photos!


All of the furniture had to be ordered online. The side table was from Overstock, the bookshelf, lamp, crib and changing table/dresser were from Target, the window treatments and light fixture were from Ikea, and the chairs were from Hive Modern.  

The funny thing about looking at this room is that these photos were taken before the baby showers happened.  After the showers, all the baby goods filled this room up.  SO. MUCH. STUFF. I never got around to photographing the room after all the cute things were added in, because my son decided to arrive a few weeks early and shit got REAL after he was born.  Hard to believe the little guy that lived in this room will be EIGHT YEARS OLD next week!!!

This is the last week of school here, but I am really going to try to stay on top of blogging and get something posted a few times a week.  My planner has a page full of ideas and there are about 20 posts that are started and saved on my phone.  Be on the lookout!


Good Vibes Only - How To Spring Clean Your Home's Energy

Well, I am please to report that we had Spring in Nashville, and we have moved into shorts weather already. Yesterday I was wearing shorts for a brief period of time. If it happens again, let this be a PSA to not look directly into my legs...unless you still have your eclipse glasses handy.  You'll thank me.  

Any time there is a hint of a nice day, I get the urge to get rid of most of the things in my house and start over.  My restless soul also starts dreaming of an entire new house, but that isn't in the cards just yet.  We just signed the lease for another year in our house. We've been here for three our four years, and while I do love it, I can't help but get that little tug of wishing for the excitement of new surroundings.  Since we aren't going anywhere quite yet, I plan on doing something a little more than your average spring cleaning.  If you know me, you know I am very into energy and vibes and crystals and all that other woo woo stuff (or hokum, as my hubby lovingly calls it). This whole "spiritual movement" seems to be quite popular now, which I am loving.  Today I am sharing some things that I do in my own home that have helped when doing my "Energetic Spring Cleaning".

Diffusing Essential Oils  This is one of my favorite ways to clear out the stagnant air in my house.  Fun fact, none of our windows open, so opening them to let in some fresh air isn't a possibility. Last year we bought a diffuser from Whole Foods and I love it.  My son likes to choose the color from the chromotherapy (always blue) and I really like watching the steam puff out.  My favorite recipes for oils is five drops of grapefruit, and five drops of lemon and eucalyptus mix, and sometimes I'll add one drop of lavender.  It's a clean, fruity scent that smells like summer.  If my allergies are annoying me (which is usually the case) I'll diffuse just eucalyptus, since it helps with congestion.  It also makes the house smell like a spa, and who doesn't love that?  


This is the diffuser we bought.  I think it was $50, and we love it.  

Crystals  This trend is everywhere and I LOVE it!  I saw my first crystal at a flea market when I was a teenager and have been obsessed ever since.  Up until recently they've been hard to find unless you know of a good metaphysical shop.  Thankfully now, you can get great ones at HomeGoods, Etsy, and various other online retailers.  If you live in Nashville and don't know about Cosmic Connections, go check them out! They have tons of crystals.  


A few months ago I went to a natural health and wellness fair called Illuminate Nashville, and brought these beauties home. I will need to get another tigers eye sphere, because I gifted that one to my hubby because he liked the shape of it.  I also bought my son a pebble that glows in the dark after it sits in the sun.  He keeps that on his bedside table.


Isn't this beautiful?! I picked this up about two years ago at a shop in Murfreesboro, TN.  I am more drawn to the natural cut crystals instead of the tumbled ones, but as you can see from the photo above, I do have a few tumbled (or smooth) ones that I will meditate with if I feel I need a little help with my focus.


This tea light holder came from HomeGoods.  It is amethyst, and in real life is way more purple than the picture is showing.  I am very drawn to purple, so this is one of my all time favorite crystals.  The smaller chunk is citrine, which is known as the success stone (trust me on this one, it works!).  I keep these two on my desk in the office, as the amethyst is also supposed to aid in creativity.  Usually there are more on my desk, but I am rehoming them based on where I need them.  

Fresh Flowers   If you have been reading for any length of time, you'll know my love of fresh flowers all over my house.  They are an inexpensive way to add some beauty and new life to a room, and you can get creative with the arrangements to make something very beautiful.  This week, my bouquet of choice is just a simple bunch of red roses I purchased at Publix for $11. 


Saging/Smudging  Saging or smudging is when you use white sage to "clear"out the bad energy of a space or thing.  I swear by this.  It's simple, and it will make your house smell good (I am all about multifunction!) All you do is light the end of the sage bundle and then blow the flame out so the ends smoke, similar to incense.  Open your windows and then go room by room, making sure you get door ways, all four corners, etc. an "banish out the negativity". Fun fact, none of the windows in our house open, so to do this I have to open my front and back doors. Another fun fact for those of you thinking I am crazy, I've done this before and it has worked.  Several years ago, I was in a situation where I had an incredibly toxic coworker.  One day before everyone was scheduled to come in, I saged the entire building and things go much better with this person.  Meaning after a while she quit, so I am telling you, this shit works. 


This is my well loved sage bundle.  The feather came from the totally bad energy free design shop where I used to work, and the necklace was given to me by my son after he won it out of a gum ball machine. Again, I usually have more crystals in this feather dish.  You can by a double bunch of mini-sage bundles at Whole Foods for $10.

Clutter   Your standard spring cleaning duty: Decluttering.  This really works to lighted up the energy in a house, I feel.  I once heard someone say that each piece of clutter has a "voice" and it is screaming at you for your attention.  I completely agree with that.  Clutter affects people differently, but for me it gives me major anxiety. I have to make sure certain areas are clutter free or I cannot function.  Besides, if it is something that has been lying around for weeks, is it really serving you? Do you really need to hang on to it? Get rid of all of the things that are not serving you so you can make way for the things that you really love.  Example: I donated two bags of clothing and a bag of shoes to a local thrift store earlier this week.  The next day, I found my dream loafers that I have been searching for for over a year (I'm picky).  That is just one example. I actually plan on getting rid of a ton more stuff in the coming weeks.  The store I donate to employs adults with special needs, so I feel good about making sure they have a good job, and I can get rid of stuff that no longer serves me or makes me happy.  Again, win win!

Those are the main things I do when I feel it is time for a good energy clearing, or a good spring cleaning that goes a little deeper than just cleaning the windows and washing all the curtains.  I've tried all of these and have had great success with all of them, and I say that because I know some of these tips can be a little too new agey for some.  Give them a try and see what you think! You'll be pleasantly surprised, and at the least, be surrounded by beautiful things.  If that doesn't shift the energy in your home, I don't know what will! :)

LPD Newsletter - Coming Soon!

Hi friends! I wanted to update with a quick post today on a new thing I will be implementing soon.  I am going to start sending out a newsletter!  Probably no more than twice a month, just depends on what hits me.  I am going to include a sign up form at the bottom of the post.  I'll try to have the first one out by Mid-May.  If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll include it in future mailings!

Thank you for your support! It means the world to me :)


Shopping your home - Switching up the energy

Hey there! I thought I would pop in with a quick post today.  Spring keeps toying with us in Nashville,  I have been spring cleaning like crazy.  I've tackled my closet (again) and am taking serious stock of what I am allowing to remain.  It is refreshing to get rid of things that have been weighing me down or getting in my way.  Clothes, shoes, bags, home decor, everything is getting a second look and then if it is not really giving me joy, it's a goner.  

Now that that certain areas feel lighter, but I still am not in a position to get all new decor, I thought I would go shopping at a very underutilized place that I think a lot of people don't realize they have permission to shop... your own house.  

I am constantly shopping my house.  It is as simple as moving your vases around to different places, switching up candles into different rooms, rearranging pillow combinations, etc.  The past two days I've been working at home more and I felt that there needed to be an "energy" shift.  I started in one area of the bedroom.  


We have lived here for three (four?) years and barely have anything on the walls. I've wanted to hang draperies in here since we moved in, but since the blinds do their job, there really wasn't a need to do it.  So that got shoved to the bottom of the list.  But after digging around in the garage one day, I found an extra curtain rod, and then I found the draperies that I used to have hanging in the living room.  I decided to slap those on the wall and see what happened. 


As you can see, I also added all of my hats to the wall (a project that I have been meaning to tackle for well over a year, and it took me less than five minutes to do, sheesh) and I moved my Craigslist Peacock chair to the corner.   I wish I had another panel to put in the corner, but I don't, so the chair's height helps with that award space in the center where the Eames rocker was. 


I know the whole hats on walls thing has been done to death, but I like it, and it was stuff I already had, and it made room in the closet.  So wins all the way around.

So if you are spring cleaning, but don't have a ton of money to add more decor, take a look at some of the things you already have.  Carry them around to different parts of your house and see how they work.  You might even be able to create a completely new look without even changing out of your pj's (like me, right now...)

Take care!