Shopping your home - Switching up the energy

Hey there! I thought I would pop in with a quick post today.  Spring keeps toying with us in Nashville,  I have been spring cleaning like crazy.  I've tackled my closet (again) and am taking serious stock of what I am allowing to remain.  It is refreshing to get rid of things that have been weighing me down or getting in my way.  Clothes, shoes, bags, home decor, everything is getting a second look and then if it is not really giving me joy, it's a goner.  

Now that that certain areas feel lighter, but I still am not in a position to get all new decor, I thought I would go shopping at a very underutilized place that I think a lot of people don't realize they have permission to shop... your own house.  

I am constantly shopping my house.  It is as simple as moving your vases around to different places, switching up candles into different rooms, rearranging pillow combinations, etc.  The past two days I've been working at home more and I felt that there needed to be an "energy" shift.  I started in one area of the bedroom.  


We have lived here for three (four?) years and barely have anything on the walls. I've wanted to hang draperies in here since we moved in, but since the blinds do their job, there really wasn't a need to do it.  So that got shoved to the bottom of the list.  But after digging around in the garage one day, I found an extra curtain rod, and then I found the draperies that I used to have hanging in the living room.  I decided to slap those on the wall and see what happened. 


As you can see, I also added all of my hats to the wall (a project that I have been meaning to tackle for well over a year, and it took me less than five minutes to do, sheesh) and I moved my Craigslist Peacock chair to the corner.   I wish I had another panel to put in the corner, but I don't, so the chair's height helps with that award space in the center where the Eames rocker was. 


I know the whole hats on walls thing has been done to death, but I like it, and it was stuff I already had, and it made room in the closet.  So wins all the way around.

So if you are spring cleaning, but don't have a ton of money to add more decor, take a look at some of the things you already have.  Carry them around to different parts of your house and see how they work.  You might even be able to create a completely new look without even changing out of your pj's (like me, right now...)

Take care!

Low Cost Luxury

We all deserve a little luxury at home.  Whether you work from home and are hyper aware of your surroundings, or go to an office everyday, you want to make sure the time you spend at home fills you up with happiness and calming energy.  I call it High Vibe Living.  Today I thought I would share some of the things I like to do to keep my “vibe” high.

Morning routine  This one is the most important thing I do. I find that if my morning routine runs a certain way, it seems as if I have control over the tone of my day, instead of the other way around. I start by getting up earlier than everyone else.  I make my coffee and while it’s brewing, I’ll light a few candles. This is something I just started doing and it makes my living room feel so cozy in the mornings, since it’s usually still dark when I get up. When my coffee is ready, I try to meditate, especially if I have something going on that day. The Insight Timer is a free app that has TONS of different meditations.  I have a few saved that I can quickly choose from.  I find that when I do this, I am in a better mood and I have less anxiety throughout the day.

coffee table candles.jpg
coffee mug.jpg

I also like to have a cute mug to drink out of. I recently bought this one from Target because I needed a thermal mug, and this one keeps my coffee warmer longer.  We don't own a microwave, and I wouldn't use it anyway to warm up coffee (gross) so this was a good purchase for me.  It's borderline beige/blush and really pretty.

Keep Fresh Flowers  Something else I love to do is pick up some fresh flowers from the grocery. You can get a bunch of eucalyptus for $3 at Trader Joe’s, and it smells amazing. A few weeks back I grabbed some roses at Walmart for $10. I like to look at thrift stores, vintage shops, or TJ Maxx/Home Goods for candle holders and vases. Pro tip: If you use a clear glass vase you can keep a better eye on the water and your flowers will last longer. No one wants to look at a vase full of green slimy water!

salt candle.jpg

This coffee table vignette is constantly changing.  I'm working on another post about shopping your home to freshen up the energy in your space.  Stay tuned for that. 

At-Home Spa   Eucalyptus in the shower was an idea I found on Pinterest I think. The steam from the shower fills the room with the smell and it is very spa-like (plus it is good for those of us who suffer from sinus issues). I grabbed a bunch from Whole Foods for $6 and had enough to hang some in both showers, and then put some in vases around the house.

shower dried eucalyptus.jpg


Fancy Water  This was initially borne out of necessity because I broke all of our other glasses. I like to drink my water with lemon out of a wine glass. After I started doing it, I found that I enjoyed it and it felt fancier than the bottle I drag with me to the gym. 



Organizing and Cleaning    I work from home, so I want it to feel a certain way or I cannot focus. Clutter and creativity to not mix. I make sure that my office is in order so when I am ready to work, I can get right to it without having to move piles of papers or stacks of things. If I’m going to be at my desk a while, I will light a candle as well and bring my essential oil diffuser in. I like to use either the Mental Focus blend from Whole Foods, or I’ll look on Pinterest for recipes.



Those are the main things I do to keep my vibe high and feel my best. How about you? Do you have any other rituals or things you do to treat yourself during the day? Drop them in the comments!

Quick and Easy Holiday DIY's

Hey Guys! Today I am back with a few quick and easy holiday DIY projects that I completed in under an hour.  Honestly, I have a short attention span when it comes to projects and I have come to loathe DIY, but these were fun, and more importantly FAST.

The first one also has some sentiment to it.  We always get a real Christmas tree and every year since we've lived in Tennessee we have kept the little sliver of trunk the tree lot saws off.  I've been hoarding ours for four years and this year I decided it was time to get them going!


(Pro Tip: Make sure your drill isn't about to die like mind did)


Add some pom poms (found these at Walmart for under two dollars each) and thread a strand of twine through the hole, tie a knot on the top.

finished orn.jpg

To make them a little more cutesy, I painted the date on them.  Easy peasy, and they mean a lot to us, which is the best kind of ornament!

The other thing I did was make a new wreath for our front door.  I wanted to get a battery operated pre-lit wreath, but I waited to long to order one.  Maybe next year... Anyway, our front door is oddly located.  Our house is a weird shape, and the front door is in a little nook on the diagonal.  It gets little light and basically gets lost.  I wanted something that had some presence.  


Also, along with the slice from the trunk, I also grabbed all the extra branches that the tree lot cut off from the bottom of the tree.  My original plan was to layer them in a circle for a traditional wreath, but then I had a better idea.  I grabbed a grapevine wreath, some craft wire, and a few clip on flowers from Walmart (I was "grocery shopping").

wreath supplies.jpg

I only have one flower shown here, but I ended up using both of the ones I bought.  They just clip on and after the holidays when I dismantle the wreath I can use them for something next year.  So here is what I finished with:

finished wreath.jpg

As I said, I wanted something with some presence.  Anything I have ever hung up totally gets lost. I think this one can be seen from the street, ha.

So I hope you enjoyed my little craft projects for the day.  Anyone else do seasonal craft projects? 

See you soon!




Simple Holiday Mantle

Happy Holidays!  Today I am sharing my simple but beautiful mantle.  This is pretty much what I have done in some form for the last few years. This year it seems I am seeing more and more "simple" decorating for the holidays.  Totally on board with that! Don't get me wrong though, I love a good fully decked out tree! This year I didn't want to go too overboard.  We may have a total of ten ornaments on our tree. I like to take my son to the store and let him pick out some that he is drawn to, in lieu of buying bulk ornaments or having a bunch of stuff on the tree.  So here is what I have:


I love this garland.  This is now on it's third year and it still looks great.  It came from the design shop where I used to work.  The original lights went out, so it was written out of inventory and yours truly got to take it home as a project.  Let me tell you, removing factory placed lights was enough to make me want to scrap the whole idea but I kept going.  SO glad I did!

mantle garland detail.jpg

It is obviously faux, but it still looks beautiful and not too faux, in my opinion.

brass candlesticks.jpg

These brass candlesticks are one of my favorite Goodwill finds.  They were in a bag for $6 FOR THE SET people.  These might just stay on the mantle forever...

wooden candlesticks.jpg

I love these mid-century inspired candlesticks! Found these on the clearance rack at Target.  I think for the pair I paid around $12 but I don't remember.

tree pic.jpg

And now for our simple but meaningful tree.  I let our son put all the ornaments (except for a few that I bought for myself) and they are contained to one main area.  Growing up, we always had tinsel on the tree so that gold tinsel is a non-negotiable, will be on the tree every year until it is bare type of thing. (Damn that drapery rod is crooked again...)

ornament boho.jpg
agate ornament.jpg

This and the image above both came from Target. Actually, all of the ornaments came from Target...

candy cane .jpg

We used to put small candy canes on our tree when I was young, and since my son loves them, we bought two boxes for him to decorate with.  They are also a nice treat for when he comes home from having "a long day at school" (his words, ha).

narwhal orn.jpg

This is my favorite shot of the tree, and my favorite ornaments.  We have an aspiring marine biologist in our midst, so as you can imagine the "theme" for the last two years of ornament shopping has been sea life.  These little narwhals are glass so we aren't taking them off to play with them like some of the other ornaments.  I love this image!!!

So that is my holiday decorating tour, if you want to call it that. I am already planning what next years tree will look like, ha!

See you soon!


One Room Challenge - Week Three - Painting again!

Hello again friends.  Welcome to Week Three (?!?!?!) of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home.  For those of you that are new to this concept, for six weeks twenty featured designers (and hundreds of guest participants) link up to transform a room and then blog weekly about their progress.  It is a great way to find new blogs and PAGES of inspiration.  I am a guest participant, and you can catch up with my previous progress for Week One and Week Two. Grab some coffee and get cozy, because this week was a full one!

So we are at week three. Not entirely sure how that happened so fast, but here we are, and I feel like I am rolling along nicely. This week we went on vacation for my sons fall break, so I crammed this weeks work into a few days. However, since last week I nailed down the layout, the ideas and motivation just started flowing. The big project for this week includes my new color obsession: GREEN. I know green is having a moment in design right now, mainly in kitchens. I thought it would be fun to incorporate this color in my office, since my primary focus is outdoor living. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am obsessed with palm trees, so it should be no surprise that I chose this fabric for a stationary drapery panel in my office.


Alright, I know a lot of people are over this palm print, but I have zero shame in saying I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!!! It makes me happy, plus it reminds me of the beach, which is currently my favorite place.  I am guessing this fabric is an outdoor fabric, based on the stiffness of it.  One day while leaving Walmart for groceries, I walked past the craft department and spotted it.  I couldn't get it out of my head, so the next morning after measuring my window I went back to get a few yards.  Added some hem tape to my cart since I no longer have a sewing machine, and the next thing I knew I had a panel for the window.


Honestly, I cannot express how happy I am with this.  Heart eyes abound.  

For a few weeks now, I have been kicking around bringing my vintage campaign chest into the office to use for storage.  This room has a serious lack of drawers, so I thought it would be nice to have the chest in here for that reason, plus I am over the Expedit shelves (old school Ikea for you).  If you've been with me for a while, you remember this chest.  I bought it at a secondhand store in Lexington KY six years ago.  It had major water damage to the top, so I chiseled it off and had a piece of marble cut to size for the top. It started a bad wood grain, and then I painted it gray to go in our old diningroom.  It lived in our entry in our last house and I painted it blue.


Since the blue wasn't really working in my color scheme for the office, I decided to paint it.  Using the curtain panel as my jumping off point, I chose a color that I thought would look great with the marble and the brass hardware on the chest.


The color I chose was the bottom one, called Houseplant from Sherwin Williams.  Another neat thing about this chest, is that it is small enough to get away with using a sample jar of paint.  $3.50 goes a long way.


Love the green!!!

I knew I wanted a good mirror for over the chest, to help reflect the light in the room. The size and style was going to be very particular (meaning, EXPENSIVE).  Factor in me still needing a desk chair and I could see my budget dwindling quickly.  There were a few moments of panic this week because these two items are the big ones in the room.  Tuesday afternoon while running errands, I stopped by my favorite thrift store to donate some stuff.  As I pulled up, a chair almost identical to what I am wanting was sitting out front.  It was marked $11.99.  I snatched it up and drug it inside, where I saw the exact mirror that I had in my mind.  Can't make this stuff up.  In my head I had figured $300 for the chair and probably another $150 for the mirror, but I got out of there for under $60.  The chair was 25% off and I didn't even know it, and the mirror was $49, but I had a 10% off coupon since I donated items that day.  (That falls into my Make Room for Magic belief I have!).  I recently downsized my Jeep, and I was actually terrified the mirror and chair wouldn't fit but...


YES.  To say that I was elated would be an understatement.  Don't look at the mess behind the chair, as this picture was taken in the garage. Totally wasn't feeling that french linen color.  


So after driving all over town doing errands, I dropped off my haul and went to Home Depot for a can of spray paint in a fun color.  Any ideas which one I chose? It is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone and something I would usually not chose for my own house, but I wanted to have fun in this room... 


Here is the color I chose... 


SO not like me! But I love it.  After I painted it, I looked at it next to the green drawers and had a moment of panic that the office would look like a bag of Skittles exploded.  Honestly I am still a bit worried, but like I have told clients before, don't look at each individual piece of the puzzle, wait to see the whole picture.  Guess I should take my own advice, right? Next week I plan on working on a new cushion, since it was purchased secondhand.  This should be an interesting project since again, no sewing machine.  And did I mention I want to do a contrast welt on the top and bottom??? Stay tuned on that one, friends.  

Next week I will have better pictures.  I am rearranging the office today and actually dragging that impossibly heavy chest in the office, get the mirror in place (again, impossibly heavy).  There are plenty of things left that I need to do. The printer is getting a new home, but I don't know what yet, and I want to create a large scale pin board to go over it.  Reorganizing the bookshelves, getting some storage items in place... wow... I thought I was doing okay!!! Check back next week for my progress :)

See you soon!