Simple Holiday Mantle

Happy Holidays!  Today I am sharing my simple but beautiful mantle.  This is pretty much what I have done in some form for the last few years. This year it seems I am seeing more and more "simple" decorating for the holidays.  Totally on board with that! Don't get me wrong though, I love a good fully decked out tree! This year I didn't want to go too overboard.  We may have a total of ten ornaments on our tree. I like to take my son to the store and let him pick out some that he is drawn to, in lieu of buying bulk ornaments or having a bunch of stuff on the tree.  So here is what I have:


I love this garland.  This is now on it's third year and it still looks great.  It came from the design shop where I used to work.  The original lights went out, so it was written out of inventory and yours truly got to take it home as a project.  Let me tell you, removing factory placed lights was enough to make me want to scrap the whole idea but I kept going.  SO glad I did!

mantle garland detail.jpg

It is obviously faux, but it still looks beautiful and not too faux, in my opinion.

brass candlesticks.jpg

These brass candlesticks are one of my favorite Goodwill finds.  They were in a bag for $6 FOR THE SET people.  These might just stay on the mantle forever...

wooden candlesticks.jpg

I love these mid-century inspired candlesticks! Found these on the clearance rack at Target.  I think for the pair I paid around $12 but I don't remember.

tree pic.jpg

And now for our simple but meaningful tree.  I let our son put all the ornaments (except for a few that I bought for myself) and they are contained to one main area.  Growing up, we always had tinsel on the tree so that gold tinsel is a non-negotiable, will be on the tree every year until it is bare type of thing. (Damn that drapery rod is crooked again...)

ornament boho.jpg
agate ornament.jpg

This and the image above both came from Target. Actually, all of the ornaments came from Target...

candy cane .jpg

We used to put small candy canes on our tree when I was young, and since my son loves them, we bought two boxes for him to decorate with.  They are also a nice treat for when he comes home from having "a long day at school" (his words, ha).

narwhal orn.jpg

This is my favorite shot of the tree, and my favorite ornaments.  We have an aspiring marine biologist in our midst, so as you can imagine the "theme" for the last two years of ornament shopping has been sea life.  These little narwhals are glass so we aren't taking them off to play with them like some of the other ornaments.  I love this image!!!

So that is my holiday decorating tour, if you want to call it that. I am already planning what next years tree will look like, ha!

See you soon!