Quick and Easy Holiday DIY's

Hey Guys! Today I am back with a few quick and easy holiday DIY projects that I completed in under an hour.  Honestly, I have a short attention span when it comes to projects and I have come to loathe DIY, but these were fun, and more importantly FAST.

The first one also has some sentiment to it.  We always get a real Christmas tree and every year since we've lived in Tennessee we have kept the little sliver of trunk the tree lot saws off.  I've been hoarding ours for four years and this year I decided it was time to get them going!


(Pro Tip: Make sure your drill isn't about to die like mind did)


Add some pom poms (found these at Walmart for under two dollars each) and thread a strand of twine through the hole, tie a knot on the top.

finished orn.jpg

To make them a little more cutesy, I painted the date on them.  Easy peasy, and they mean a lot to us, which is the best kind of ornament!

The other thing I did was make a new wreath for our front door.  I wanted to get a battery operated pre-lit wreath, but I waited to long to order one.  Maybe next year... Anyway, our front door is oddly located.  Our house is a weird shape, and the front door is in a little nook on the diagonal.  It gets little light and basically gets lost.  I wanted something that had some presence.  


Also, along with the slice from the trunk, I also grabbed all the extra branches that the tree lot cut off from the bottom of the tree.  My original plan was to layer them in a circle for a traditional wreath, but then I had a better idea.  I grabbed a grapevine wreath, some craft wire, and a few clip on flowers from Walmart (I was "grocery shopping").

wreath supplies.jpg

I only have one flower shown here, but I ended up using both of the ones I bought.  They just clip on and after the holidays when I dismantle the wreath I can use them for something next year.  So here is what I finished with:

finished wreath.jpg

As I said, I wanted something with some presence.  Anything I have ever hung up totally gets lost. I think this one can be seen from the street, ha.

So I hope you enjoyed my little craft projects for the day.  Anyone else do seasonal craft projects? 

See you soon!