Bye Bye Boho!

To me, one of the downfalls of being an interior designer is the constant barrage of inspiration.  I love looking at images of beautiful rooms on Pinterest, or wherever.  It’s almost overstimulation at times, to be honest.  When designing for a client, it’s never as overwhelming as it is when you are designing your own space.  We've all heard the saying about the cobbler with no shoes, right? Well, this designer has actually struggled with my own interior for a while.  I know to some that could be seen as a non-issue, but when you spend a great deal of time at home, you want your environment to be soothing, comfortable, functional, and yes, beautiful.  You want guests to feel at home when they visit.  I’ve not really wanted anyone to come to our house because it wasn’t “just right”.  All of the furniture in the living room was from our old house, and unfortunately, did not fit all that great in this house.  Plus, I’ve noticed my aesthetic changing.  

In our old house, which was in fact an old house, the whole flea market find/boho chic vibe worked very well.  This house though, it doesn’t really fit to me.  It doesn’t feel right.  So since we are sprucing up our home, as I mentioned in my last post, the living room is getting some major attention as well.  

This room needs the most.  Which is why I have avoided it for almost two years.  We have found a few key pieces that will totally change the look of the living room and I can’t wait to get it finished (who are we kidding…it’s never really finished!!) There is one element that I am super excited about.  I think that this one thing (or pair, actually) will really make the room.  There will of course, be a full reveal soon, but I thought I'd share what the living room looked like before the new rug arrived last week.   

living room.jpg


Since the day we moved in this house that rug has been a total eyesore to me.  It was absolutely perfect in our last house.  In this living room though, it was way too narrow.  I thought about getting a jute rug in a larger size and layering them, but then there was the dust issue… My son and I have the worst allergies, and this rug was a monster dust magnet.  It shed like crazy, too.  Ugh.  When I vacuumed, I would get a full grocery bag of fuzz out of my poor vacuum cleaner.  (I actually burned out a stick vac on that rug as well!) Even when I vacuumed it still felt dirty to me.  I loved the tassels on the ends, but all in all, it had to go.  

Our new rug was delivered last week, and I am not ashamed to say my husband picked it out.  Again, design overwhelm occurred for me and he found one we both liked.  In about seven minutes, no less.  Here is the one we ordered:



It looks a LOT darker in the photo than in real life.  The blues are very muted and more on the turquoise end than a true blue.  Overall, it looks like a worn, vintage rug which is exactly the look I was going for.  It looks a bit out of place right now, and it will until we can get the other items on order/picked up, but I can see the end result in my head and it all works perfectly! When the rest of the pieces start arriving I will post more about it :)

See you soon!