Making Room for Magic - New Bedding

Hello again! Today I'm back with another installment of Making Room for Magic. A little backstory for those just tuning in:  The last few months I've been on a "journey" of sorts to rid my life, home, and energy (yes, I'm a Woo Woo person) of anything that is not serving me or giving me joy. This workshop helped me when I was getting started. I knew I needed a change but didn't know where to start exactly. This workshop came just when I needed it. I started where most people do-the closet. I've pared down at least half of my wardrobe and donated it. I threw out anything that was beyond repair. I took things to be repaired instead of adding it to a pile that would never otherwise move. I replaced items with things I loved and focused more on the quality instead of how many I could get for under $20 (to be fully honest I am still working on that one! Baby steps!!) My husband and I cleaned the closet floor, which was carpeted in laundry, dry cleaning hangers/bags and whatever else we could jam in there. After doing that, and being able to not only see the floor but walk into it, I bought a rug that I've always wanted. The original post is here if you'd like to read more.  It's far from finished, but what I've done so far has really helped clear my mind and ease some of my anxiety.

There are other areas in our house that need updating. My goal for this year was to upgrade things that needed it. Things that might be fine on the surface, but weren't actually giving me joy or making me happy when I'm home. My husband and I have been talking about new bedding for a while. We recently bought some great new sheets, and have some nice decorative pillows on the bed. The other things...well...let's just say the mattress pad, pillows, duvet, and duvet cover have all served their purpose and need to be replaced. We knew this was going to happen at some point, we weren't sure when. And then, I had a realization the other day.  I'm allergic to them. Yes, allergic. If you know me you know of my allergies. They have tormented me all of my life and I fear my son is traveling down that same pollen covered path There were nights where I was having severe allergy attacks that border on scary. Several times while laying in bed I would have horrible wheezing and trouble breathing. I'd wake up with the same issues. The fun would continue while trying to drink my coffee on the couch.  We change our air filters regularly, I try to dust as much as I can, we got rid of the rug in the living room, but still I had these attacks. The other day I was gathering laundry and decided to throw the covers for the throw pillows on the couch in the wash. When I unzipped one, a ton of feathers flew out and I started sneezing. After staring at this for a few minutes... hit me. Where are the two places that my allergies are the worst. Answer: in bed and sitting on the couch. What do these places have in common? Answer: DOWN. And not just any down, OLD down. The throw pillow inserts are 10 years old, and the pillows and duvet insert on the bed are about as old. According to, “The most common signs of an allergy to down pillows mimic those of hay fever. Itching and breathing problems occur when patients ingest the allergens in down and other bird feathers. These bird products break down over time, until tiny particles become airborne, which can then be inhaled. Feather allergies usually indicate sensitivities to allergenic proteins in birds. Alternatively, people can develop allergy symptoms to molds and dust mites that feed on feathers. Medical testing can distinguish among these sources, which produce the same symptoms in allergy patients.”  Yikes. So let this serve as a cautionary tale. Down breaks down. And it's no fun! Don't feel bad about replacing bedding or pillows even if on the surface they "work fine". Just like following the shelf life directions of makeup, and best by dates on food. You don't want to get sick!

Old bedding

So the hunt began for new bedding and new throw pillows for the sofa. Honestly I've wanted new bedding for a long time, but since everything was actually making me sick, I figure that's more than a good motivator to upgrade. I had no clue what I wanted (duvet or quilt?), but I did know that whatever we chose had to be machine washable, down alternative, durable, and pretty.  

After about a week of toiling and searching, we have found a great option! Here’s what we chose…

Here is a different angle

So before I link to what I bought, I want to point out that these are not affiliate links.  I am just linking in case you like what you see.  

Quilt // Mattress Pad // Striped Lumbar Pillow //Blue pillow in front was a TJ Maxx find about two years ago // Taupe blanket on end of bed came from Bed Bath & Beyond about seven years ago 

We've had this set up for a few days now and have been very happy with it.  Happy to report that I have not had any allergy issues since we switched.  We still need to get new pillows and I am kicking around adding shams, but I am not sure yet.  The best thing about all of this is that it is all machine washable.  The quilt is reversible, but I like the thicker border at the bottom. The mattress pad is machine washable as well.  Took a little elbow grease to get a king sized mattress cover in the machine, but it happened.  Maybe at some point the bedroom will get painted!  Not a fan of that dingy color on the walls!

So there you have it.  We needed new bedding for a long time, and finally it happened after it started making me sick.  Very glad to have all the new stuff!

See you soon!