Low Cost Luxury

We all deserve a little luxury at home.  Whether you work from home and are hyper aware of your surroundings, or go to an office everyday, you want to make sure the time you spend at home fills you up with happiness and calming energy.  I call it High Vibe Living.  Today I thought I would share some of the things I like to do to keep my “vibe” high.

Morning routine  This one is the most important thing I do. I find that if my morning routine runs a certain way, it seems as if I have control over the tone of my day, instead of the other way around. I start by getting up earlier than everyone else.  I make my coffee and while it’s brewing, I’ll light a few candles. This is something I just started doing and it makes my living room feel so cozy in the mornings, since it’s usually still dark when I get up. When my coffee is ready, I try to meditate, especially if I have something going on that day. The Insight Timer is a free app that has TONS of different meditations.  I have a few saved that I can quickly choose from.  I find that when I do this, I am in a better mood and I have less anxiety throughout the day.

coffee table candles.jpg
coffee mug.jpg

I also like to have a cute mug to drink out of. I recently bought this one from Target because I needed a thermal mug, and this one keeps my coffee warmer longer.  We don't own a microwave, and I wouldn't use it anyway to warm up coffee (gross) so this was a good purchase for me.  It's borderline beige/blush and really pretty.

Keep Fresh Flowers  Something else I love to do is pick up some fresh flowers from the grocery. You can get a bunch of eucalyptus for $3 at Trader Joe’s, and it smells amazing. A few weeks back I grabbed some roses at Walmart for $10. I like to look at thrift stores, vintage shops, or TJ Maxx/Home Goods for candle holders and vases. Pro tip: If you use a clear glass vase you can keep a better eye on the water and your flowers will last longer. No one wants to look at a vase full of green slimy water!

salt candle.jpg

This coffee table vignette is constantly changing.  I'm working on another post about shopping your home to freshen up the energy in your space.  Stay tuned for that. 

At-Home Spa   Eucalyptus in the shower was an idea I found on Pinterest I think. The steam from the shower fills the room with the smell and it is very spa-like (plus it is good for those of us who suffer from sinus issues). I grabbed a bunch from Whole Foods for $6 and had enough to hang some in both showers, and then put some in vases around the house.

shower dried eucalyptus.jpg


Fancy Water  This was initially borne out of necessity because I broke all of our other glasses. I like to drink my water with lemon out of a wine glass. After I started doing it, I found that I enjoyed it and it felt fancier than the bottle I drag with me to the gym. 



Organizing and Cleaning    I work from home, so I want it to feel a certain way or I cannot focus. Clutter and creativity to not mix. I make sure that my office is in order so when I am ready to work, I can get right to it without having to move piles of papers or stacks of things. If I’m going to be at my desk a while, I will light a candle as well and bring my essential oil diffuser in. I like to use either the Mental Focus blend from Whole Foods, or I’ll look on Pinterest for recipes.



Those are the main things I do to keep my vibe high and feel my best. How about you? Do you have any other rituals or things you do to treat yourself during the day? Drop them in the comments!