Past Project - Modern Nursery

Yesterday, I spent some time reworking the Projects section of my website. I had more images to add, plus I have a better understanding of how Squarespace works, so I thought I’d try to make it look better. I’m pretty pleased! While adding my images (and realizing that I’ve lost hard copies of my best project, and no digital ones exist. Breathe.)  To check out a few INTERIOR projects, go HERE, for the EXTERIOR projects, go HERE.  This is only a tiny (minuscule, really) sampling of what I have done in the last 15 years.  Some people don't want to have their homes shared on the internet, and while it's frustrating, I do respect it.  Some people just "keep forgetting" to take a picture and send it.  So.  I added what I could!

In doing this, I realized I hadn’t added our sons nursery. This was the first nursery I ever designed. I knew I wanted something different than your usual nursery. At the time, we still lived in Louisville and modern design was not yet a thing there. I’m not even sure Pinterest was around at the time I started the planning phase of the room. We started designing this room in early 2010. It was hard to find inspiration images of what I was looking for, which was a clean, modern nursery without your typical color scheme/themes. I have always hated themes in kids rooms, even from the beginning. I wanted fun furniture that could grow with him, nothing fussy or frilly, and really clean, simple lines.  Here are some photos!


All of the furniture had to be ordered online. The side table was from Overstock, the bookshelf, lamp, crib and changing table/dresser were from Target, the window treatments and light fixture were from Ikea, and the chairs were from Hive Modern.  

The funny thing about looking at this room is that these photos were taken before the baby showers happened.  After the showers, all the baby goods filled this room up.  SO. MUCH. STUFF. I never got around to photographing the room after all the cute things were added in, because my son decided to arrive a few weeks early and shit got REAL after he was born.  Hard to believe the little guy that lived in this room will be EIGHT YEARS OLD next week!!!

This is the last week of school here, but I am really going to try to stay on top of blogging and get something posted a few times a week.  My planner has a page full of ideas and there are about 20 posts that are started and saved on my phone.  Be on the lookout!