Mood Board - Dining Room

Hi Guys! Welcome to Mood Board Monday! I hope you enjoyed my last Mood Board (which wasn't posted on Monday, but whatever).  Today I have one that I am incredibly excited about and very proud of.  This one is a design board for a real room.  One that will actually come to life.  It's our dining room.  And honestly, it's almost finished, I just need to spring for new chairs.  I am in love with these, but they keep selling out.  I'm hoping to be able to pull the trigger on them soon, but in the meantime, this is what my dining room will look like very soon.  The avocado art is from Etsy, and will most likely be different (and on the wall behind the fiddle leaf).  Also, since I can't keep a fiddle alive, that plant will be different, but you get the idea.  What do you think?

Dining Room.jpg

The dining table was from West Elm, and was the first piece of furniture that my husband and I ever bought together.  When we moved into our old townhouse, we bought the table before we had a sofa (which by the way, was 11 years ago and we still have both pieces!).  We bought that in 2007 and they have discontinued it since then.  I love that table. 

So there you have my future dining room.  Right now our current chairs are a mix match (which I have discovered I do not like) and are falling apart. Yeesh.  Hopefully I will get to grab a set of those chairs soon.  Then believe it or not, a room in our house will be mostly finished!