In-Home Design Services

Lori Pruitt Design offers several different ways to work with us.  If you are in need of a specialized plan, please contact Lori and we can customize something for you.

Full Service

The most common service LPD provides is the Full Service option.  This begins with an In-Home Consultation ($150 for up to two hours. Time not used at consultation will not be prorated. Consultation fee is due at conclusion of appointment.)  At the consultation, we discuss the needs and wants for the room, the likes and dislikes, what stays and what goes, what your style is and discuss a realistic budget.  During this appointment, we will also take photos and measurements of the rooms to be designed. An initial design plan is then created, and then presented  in the home.  (Allow up to two weeks for this step).  After the initial design plan is presented and items are agreed upon, LPD will begin the work on bringing the plan to life, such as ordering and procurement.  All work done after the initial two hour consultation is billed at an hourly rate of $95/hr.

Do It Yourself

Another option that LPD provides is the Do It Yourself option.  This is for the client that wants to have a more hands on approach to the design plan, and work on their own timeline.  Designer/Client interaction is very limited with this option.  It begins the same way as the Full Service option, with an In-Home Consultation that will last up to two hours.  Same rate of $150 applies.  After the consultation, an initial design plan will be presented approximately two weeks after the consult.  Once the design is approved, LPD will provide the client with a full source list of where to buy the items suggested and detailed instructions on how to execute the plan.  Client is responsible for all ordering, scheduling of trades people if applicable, and execution of the plan. All work done after the initial two hour consultation is billed at an hourly rate of $95/hr. 

30 Minute Chat

If you are still on the fence on whether working with a designer is right for you, or if you are unsure of which option to chose, LPD offers a one time, free of charge 30 Minute Chat to discuss your project and see what is the best option for you.  This option is done over the phone, and must be scheduled ahead of time. We will not be discussing design plans for the room during this call.  If you need that service, please schedule a consult.



*Due to scheduling constraints, full-scale remodels, demos and construction work of any kind is on hold until further notice.